Vendor FAQs

  • How do I get started?

    You can begin by creating your account. Follow the steps to register, activate your account, and set up your Vendor Profile.

    You'll be asked to provide credit card information to authenticate your business and provide payment information for future billing. You'll get a free trial to begin.

    Once you're set up you can add information to your profile.

    Then just make your profile live and start booking weddings!

  • Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

    No. All plans are billed monthly and you can cancel at any time. If you cancel, you’ll only be charged for the current billing period.

  • We are already using another service. Why should we list with Your Big Day?

    Your Big Day is the ONLY Canadian service that allows couples to search for available wedding dates. Our platform also give

    Your Big Day is a local, Canadian company, trying to help Canadian couples find your services. Your funds will be used to help advertize your business locally and reach local engaged couples more effectively.

  • Can I pay annually?
    At this time we only offer a monthly subscription.
  • I own more than one business - Can I sign up both?

    You can have multiple business running from on account. While logged into your existing account, simply select "Create New Vendor" from your Vendor Dashboard and sign up a new business.

    Each business must pay a separate subscription fee.

  • What kind of businesses can sign up?

    Your Big Day is open to all businesses that serves the wedding industry in Canada.

    For your convenience, and the convenience of couples we've organized vendors into Categories and Sub-Categories. If you don't see anything that relates to your cateogory, please let us know.

  • I am based outside of Canada, can I still sign up?
    Unfortunately, we are currently only open to Canadian businesses.
  • I want to sign up for a free trial. Why do you need my credit card?

    In an effort to protect couples and vendors from fake accounts, we do require a valid credit card to create your account.

    Your credit card will not be charged until your free trial ends and you can cancel your subscription at anytime prior to this date and not be charged.

    See our Cancellation Policy for more details about cancelling your subscription.

  • My promo code isn't working.

    If you have an issue with your promo code, double-check to make sure the code you’re entering is correct.

    Here are a few other things to keep in mind if your promo code isn’t working:

    • Only one promo code can be used per subscription at a time. Additional Promotional Codes may be applied at our sole discretion, but these will happen for specific reasons.
    • If your promo has expired, there is no way to re-activate it.
    • Promo codes can only be used once. If you cancel a reservation that used a promo code, the promotion is also no longer valid.
    • We only accept promotional codes issued by Your Big Day. If you received a promotional code from anyone else, it is not valid, unless in association with Your Big Day. (for example from a Wedding Show we were involved with).
    • If you don’t use the full duration of a promotion, you won’t receive any payments or credit for unused portions.
    • Promotional codes can't be applied retroactively.
  • Do I need to pay more to be visible?

    No. Currently we only have one price for all vendors - which means you're ratings and reviews will allow you to shine through rather than having to pay to compete. Let your work speak for you.

    You will also have access to all features on the site. No more paying extra for multiple listings, contacting clients or other services.

  • My business doesn't fit into any of the available categories

    If your business is a unique or specialty service, then you can select "Other/Specialty". If you feel like there is a missing category that doesn't cover what you're offering please contact us and let us know.

    We won't promise to add a new category, but if we get multiple requests for the same service, we may decide to add it.

  • What types of payments do you accept?

    We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We do not accept PayPal, checks or purchase orders.

  • Will I be charged sales tax?

    Your Big Day charges GST on all accounts. We do not charge PST or HST.

  • How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription at any point.

    Currently you need to contact us to delete your account.

    For more information see our Cancellation Policy

  • What if I forget to mark a date as available? What are my obligations?

    We have tried to make it clear that indicated availabilty is not a guarantee of actual availability. We understand that vendors use many vehicles to book wedding dates, and your calendar may not be always up to date.

    We do recommend you keep your calendar as up to date as possible, to ensure a positive user experience for your clients.

  • I can book more than one client in a day. How do I indicate if a date is partially available?

    This is a feature we are currently working on. Until we have this feature ready, if you are able to take any clients on a particular day, we recommend leaving the date available, and having a discussion with the client upon contact.

  • I have a problem with someone who booked my service.

    We do not hold any responsibility for a booking that was made by someone who found you through our service. We have no way of vetting individuals using our service.

    We provide a means for engaged couples to find your business, and a channel for you to market your service.

    You will still need to exercise a normal level of due diligence and proper discourse when booking a client, as you would for a client who found you through any other channel.

  • I am looking for a certain feature

    We are still in development of our service, so not all of our features are active. We will do our best to inform our subscribers of features as they come out.

    If you have an idea for a feature that would make the service more valuable for your business please don't hestiate to contact us and let us know.

Cancellation Policy

  • After your trial period, you will automatically be billed on a monthly basis on the monthly anniversary of the day you signed up for the service. You may cancel your subscription at any time. You are responsible for the full subscription fee in the monthly billing cycle in which you cancel. Once your account has been billed, all sales are final and there will be no refunds.

  • How to Cancel

    Please contact us to cancel your account.

  • Removing Your Vendor Profile

    You can delete your business at any time. Any images uploaded to your Vendor Profile will be deleted immediately. Your data however will remain in our system (though not visible to the public).

    Alternatively you can pause your profile which will keep your images. You can restart your account within a 6 month period. After 6 months your account images will be removed.

    Cancelled Profiles can be reactivated by re-entering payment informations and restarting a paid subscription.

  • Free Trials

    Your Big Day offers one(1) free trial per vendor (Though you can have multiple vendors per user). Your free trial period is for you to evaluate the service. Once you have been charged there will be no refund.

    Duplicate businesses are not allowed, and will be removed without notice.

  • Will I be notified if my free trial is ending?

    Your Big Day will send you a reminder email 15, 7 and 1 day before your free trial is ending. The email will be sent to the business address provided in your account setup.

Couple FAQs

  • How do I get started?

    Anyone can search our service, but to access certain vendor information you will need to register. You can do this by creating your account. Enter your wedding date and details so we can help you out! Setup your profile and start searching!

  • What's the cost?

    There is no cost for couples, but you need to register to access all services. This helps us to minimize spam for our vendors, and provide valuable feedback on how our site is being used.

  • How can I leave a review?

    We are still working on this feature. Check back soon.

  • Does Your Big Day recommend any vendors on this site?

    Every vendor on the Your Big Day site has signed up for our service. We do everything in our power to ensure each vendor is legitimate but make no guarantees. Ultimately those booking a service are responsible for the accuracy and validity of the services they are paying for. We do not endorse any vendors listed on this site. That includes vendors whose photos may be featured throughout the site.

  • I have a problem with a vendor I found on your site.

    We do not hold any responsibility for bookings made with a vendor found on our site.

    Ensure you are booking a reputable vendor, and be wary if a vendor's behaviour doesn't seem quite right.

    Contact Us if you feel that a vendor on our site is misrepresenting their services.

    If you were a victim of a fraudulent service, contact the RCMP and follow the course of action they direct.

  • How are vendors sorted? Are vendors at the top paying more?

    No. Currently we only have one price for vendors to list. You can sort vendors alphabetically, based on ratings (coming soon), budget (coming soon) and location.

  • How do I book a vendor?

    Contact vendors directly to book their services. You will find their contact information on their vendor profile.

  • How do I delete my profile?

    If you wish to remove your account please

    contact us for assistance.

  • I cannot find a certain feature

    We are still in development of our service, so not all of our features are active. We will do our best to inform our subscribers of features as they come out.

    If you have an idea for a feature that would make the service more valuable for your business please don't hestiate to contact us and let us know.

General FAQs

  • Where are you based?

    Your Big Day's head office is currently based in Penticton, BC.

  • How can I contact you?

    Visit our Contact page for options.

  • How can I leave a review for a vendor?

    We are still working on this feature. Check back soon.

  • So Can I download Your Big Day to my phone?

    Currently Your Big Day is a responsive web application, and can be accessed on your phone via your preferred web browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc). We are exploring options to integrate the service into a Progressive Web App. But at this time the service does not have a standalone app.

    We felt that it was more important that our users be able to access the information from any device at any time. Creating a web application versus a standalone app, gives us a better avenue to do this.

  • I forgot my password

    If you forget your password, visit Password Reset to reset. You'll need to enter your email address associated with your Your Big Day account.

    You'll receive an email in a few minutes. This email includes a link to reset your password. The link can only be used once. If you do not open the link within 10 minutes, start over to receive a new link.

    It's good practice to create a unique password for Your Big Day. Be careful not to share your password in emails or other communication. Your Big Day support will never ask you for your password.

    If you are unable to reset your password or access your account, please email our support team at [email protected].

  • I'm having a technical problem.

    Please contact us at [email protected]

  • I am still looking for a certain feature

    We are still in development of our service, so not all of our features are active. We will do our best to inform our subscribers of features as they come out.

    If you have an idea for a feature that would make the service more valuable for your business please don't hestiate to contact us and let us know.

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